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Welcome to Farm Fresh Chennai!

We are one of the leading private sectors in Chennai supplying organic milk varieties at economical prices. We manufacture, process and sell cow milk and dairy products by using the latest techniques coupled with a team of highly committed and dedicated professionals. We focus on providing Premium Quality Raw Milk, A2 Milk, Desi Milk, and dairy products to our esteemed customers. Our experts are very keen in examining that the milk products issued to our customers are of high nutritional value and rich in taste and flavor. Our prime motto is to set a high level of benchmarks in standards of milk quality in accordance with the taste, freshness, hygiene, and availability and price.
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Our Dairy Farm

We, at Farm Fresh Chennai, are committed to achieve and sustain a reputation for providing Raw Milk in Chennai. Our farm is highly maintained and is sufficient to yield a large quantity of Fresh and Pure Desi Cow Milk, Organic Milk, A2 Milk and so on.

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Meet Our Cows

We are stuffed with the excellent cow breeds which will certainly produce fresh, hygienic and nutritious milk which can be consumed by everyone at all age groups. Our milk varieties have been appreciated as the best Milk for Kids and the best Milk for women health.

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Our Milk Food

We utilize only pure, fresh and organic milk to produce our milk foods. Our dairy products are known for its rich taste and purity. We offer nutritious Desi Cow milk in Chennai and Pure Milk in Chennai to our superior clients at the affordable price ranges. Look no further, just contact us to purchase the Pure Milk in Chennai.

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Fresh Milk for Kids Chennai!

Milk for Babies
Milk for women health

Milk for Babies should be very fine and of high quality. Their health and activeness are closely connected with the Fresh and Pure Cow milk they consume. So we take prompt measures in ensuring that the Organic Milk we offer in Chennai is of high quantity and meets the health requirements for children and babies. We also take holistic steps to improve the quality of our milk and milk products such that it is renowned as the Milk for women health Chennai.
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About Us

We are a gathering of present day dairy farmers. All that we do here is to keep our cows happy, happy cows deliver great milk. We generally seek after advancement with unique excellence, even in the littlest detail. This is our Farm Fresh Chennai. Each drop of our Raw Milk in Chennai is delivered and prepared in view of consideration and quality, to make the particular taste that is right away unmistakable and known all over the world.

Our farms are kept up by a group of expert farm managers who are furnished with throughout the years of collected mastery. Our practices, held to international standards and combined with industry-leading facilities, guarantee that our cows are furnished with healthy and comfortable conditions.

Farm Fresh Chennai is focused on bringing you just the best quality dairy products and the highest service standards. Our 100% natural, fresh dairy products are reliably created at the highest quality dimension, particularly as far as item hygiene and safety. Our nearby associations with our wholesalers around the area guarantee that our clients' needs are dependably met immediately and precisely.

Our Story

Our process starts with milking from our native breed of Cows , Refrigerated for around 4 to 5 hours and have it delivered to your door steps, early in the morning. We are committed to deliver you Raw, Unadulterated and Farm Fresh A2 Milk in Chennai, straight from our Farm.

Starting a Farm

Enjoy the Farm Fresh Desi Cow milk in Chennai at your doorsteps. Farm Fresh milk provide you the best and Pure Organic Milk in Chennai which is A2 milk variety. We take extreme care of our Desi Cows by feeding them with Organic foods and let them freely graze the greens.

The Best Milk

We ship our farm products such as Rice, Cold-wood pressed oils, Millet and Lentils which are produced organically and naturally, anywhere in Chennai.

Store Opening

We also provide our customers with Organic Greens, Vegetables and few verieties of fruits which are farm fresh and are grown in natural ways of farming.

Door Delivery

We deliver Organic Greens, Vegetables, few varieties of Fruits and Country Chick Eggs.

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Dairy farming’s been part of agriculture for thousands of years.

organic milk in chennai


Dairy farming’s been part of agriculture for thousands of years.

Best Milk in chennai


Dairy farming’s been part of agriculture for thousands of years.

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Dairy farming’s been part of agriculture for thousands of years.

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Although any mammal can produce milk, commercial dairy farms are typically one-species enterprises. In developed countries, dairy farms typically consist of high producing dairy cows. Other species used in commercial dairy farming include goats, sheep, and camels. Donkeys in Italy.
Although any mammal can produce milk, commercial dairy farms..