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About Us

Our Story

We are committed to deliver you Raw, Unadulterated and Farm Fresh A2 Milk in Chennai, straight from our Farm. Our process starts with milking from our native breed of Cows , Refrigerated for around 4 to 5 hours and have it delivered to your door steps, early in the morning.

Starting a Farm

Enjoy the Farm Fresh Desi Cow milk in Chennai at your doorsteps. Annam milk provide you the best and Pure Organic Milk in Chennai which is A2 milk variety. We take extreme care of our Desi Cows by feeding them with Organic foods and let them freely graze the greens.

The Best Milk

We ship our farm products such as Rice, Cold-wood pressed oils, Millet and Lentils which are produced organically and naturally, anywhere in Chennai.

Store Opening

We also provide our customers with Organic Greens, Vegetables and few verieties of fruits which are farm fresh and are grown in natural ways of farming.

Door Delivery

We deliver Organic Greens, Vegetables, few varieties of Fruits and Country Chick Eggs.

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In this fast paced life, we often don’t realize the impact that the food we consume has on our health and then came the word “Organic” which was synonyms to healthy. But if you look at the Organic products that are available today, they are nothing but the day to day food consumed by our ancestors. What was once consumed on a day to day basis has become a luxury and health product today. In the past the purity of milk was so much that it was considered an alternate to mother’s milk and we often feel that anything that is packed is healthy but the fact is most of the milk available today are pasteurized and stored products.

The rich nutrients available in the organic foods provides a lot of health benefits. We at Annam took an initiative to make this luxury item called organic foods to be a more affordable and make it a part of our daily food and the team at Annam did an extensive study on the quality of milk consumed by Chennaites and their impact on our health. Most of the A1 milk produce in Chennai are from HR and Jersey breeds which are injected with Oxytocin to produce more milk and were fed with inorganic and the team decided that to produce A2 milk from Native cows which are organically fed with free flow grazing and Annam milk was Born.


To conserve Native Breed of Cows and provide Pure, Unadulterated A2 milk to the Consumer. To grow Chemical free Agricultural crops and serve our customers with healthy organic food items and take part in creating a disease free and healthy future generation.